Hypnosis Weight Loss Is The Best Natural Diet Program

Is Weight Loss Hypnosis The Best Weight Loss Program For You? Maybe the following article will help you decide whether weight loss hypnosis is the best natural weight loss method available to you for healthy weight loss, rapid weight loss, and easy and permanent weight loss.

You are overweight. You have tried to lose extra weight in the past. Most likely, you have tried many times to do this, maybe even managed to lose weight for a while. It may have happened that whatever weight you lost has gradually come back, and even more weight has come back with it.

Hypnosis Weight Loss Is The Best Natural Diet Program

Don't feel bad you're not alone. I'm sure of it because...I've been there myself!

I was always a chubby kid. I never became morbidly fat, but I continued to put on about 25 to 30 pounds more weight than I should have. I loved food, and my family encouraged me to do so. When a plate of food was placed in front of me, I was expected to finish it all off, and I was never disappointed to ask for more, which I often did. However, I was the only child out of four in my family who was overweight.

I grew up with no internet, no computer, or video games, no MySpace, Facebook, or YouTube, and no 24-hour movie and TV downloads that would keep me constantly in a chair at home. It was meant to last. Most of my free time was spent outside riding my bike, swimming, roller skating, and playing with my friends. I was always very active, and yet I was always overweight.

I was always fed well-prepared, nutritious food by my parents. I just ate too much. I didn't even realize that I was doing this. As a child, I got used to eating a certain amount of food. I became a habitual overeater. I automatically overeat and never thought about changing my behavior. Still, I've never been morbidly fat. I just continued to carry the extra 25 to 30 pounds I always carried with me.

It is now recognized that the major factor that controls your weight is not your level of physical activity, but how much you eat in relation to your level of physical activity. If you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight and keep it off. In addition, your body remains at a fairly consistent level of weight, whatever the level. If you're at your ideal weight now, you'll stay that way. If you're 10 or 20 pounds overweight, you'll stay that way. If you must weigh over 40, 60, or 150 pounds, you will continue to carry the same extra weight.

Like most of our behaviors, our eating habits are determined by our beliefs, expectations, thoughts, and feelings. All these are controlled by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind programs us to maintain a certain level of weight, and we will continue to eat the amount needed to keep us at that level. All this is done automatically.

To lose weight, we must eat less. In order to eat less, we must reprogram our subconscious mind, and use our subconscious power to believe, feel, and think like a thin, lean person. If we can do this, our eating habits will change, and we will achieve rapid weight loss, natural weight loss, and healthy weight loss lastingly.

I finally decided to lose weight during my second year of high school. I started on a "crash diet". I severely restricted my food intake and lost about 30 pounds pretty quickly. I wasn't even exercising.

After losing weight, I noticed that my appearance has changed. My forearms became very thin. My face was a bit stretched. I was lighter, and people praised how thin I had become, but I felt something was not right. At that time I was not aware that whenever we lose weight, we not only lose fat tissue, but we also lose muscle tissue. If we are not exercising, and we severely limit our food intake to lose weight fast, the amount of muscle tissue that is destroyed increases dramatically. Using a fad rapid weight loss diet, or one of the many weight loss pills often brings about this effect.

Plus, I noticed that when I stopped my crash diet, my old eating habits came back. Because I didn't go about exercising to replace any of my eroded muscle tissue, I easily lost all my weight. Not only did all the lost weight come back, but I gained even more weight back. I had gone back to my normal overeating habits. Doesn't this sound familiar?

I could try once again, severely restricting my diet and losing weight, but I was sure I'd get it back like before. Instead, I decided to help my father with his weight loss problem.

My father was a dentist. He studied the methods of hypnosis early in his career, and he used hypnosis with great success on many patients in his dental practice. He used hypnosis on all of us kids too many times. He would entertain our family by making us bark like a dog, or barking like a duck, He also used hypnosis to help us with our study skills, and When kept us focused and relaxed. We took exams in school.

For this reason, I was very familiar with the practice of hypnosis. I wasn't afraid of hypnosis, and I knew it could be a useful tool. I requested him to use weight loss hypnosis on me because I knew it would work.

During the next few months, my father and I spent several short hypnosis sessions together. He will first create a trance state in me, and then he will give some positive suggestions that I become a slim, lean, fit person. Slowly I became that. My beliefs, feelings, and thoughts changed. Slowly my eating habits also changed. I started exercising regularly, and I was able to lose weight, and I was able to keep it off permanently. All this was accomplished without much effort on my part. It seemed to happen naturally.

I have gained weight. I have experienced the difficulties involved in trying to lose the extra weight, and how hard it is to keep it off.. I was able to change my life. I was able to become a slim, lean, and fit person. I accomplished all this using weight loss hypnosis.

Countless others besides me have used, and are now using, weight loss hypnosis for rapid weight loss, healthy weight loss, and to lose weight easily and permanently. You can too!

Make a commitment to use the best weight loss program, hypnosis weight loss. You can lose weight and change your life forever. start today!

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